Your application to Scotland’s Redress Scheme

Scotland’s Redress Scheme is delivered by the Scottish Government and Redress Scotland – a decision-making body that operates independently from the Scottish Government.

Completed applications submitted to Scotland’s Redress Scheme are sent by a Scottish Government Redress case worker to Redress Scotland for a decision.

Scotland’s Redress Scheme application process

A Scottish Government Redress  case worker will support you with your application.  Once it is completed they will send it on your behalf to Redress Scotland. We will then make a decision for redress based on the information you shared with us in your application, along with any other relevant information.

We will reply to your Scottish Government Redress case worker once we have made a decision about your application. Your case worker will contact you with the outcome.

Once your application has been submitted to Scotland’s Redress Scheme

Once your application is received by Scotland’s Redress Scheme you will be contacted within 6 weeks by a Scottish Government Redress case worker. They will let you know if any more information is needed and tell you about the next steps.

The Scottish Government Redress case workers can help you with making your application. They can support you in completing your application form and advise on what documents you might need to include with your application. They can also give you more information about other support services.

You may also want to get advice and support from a solicitor. They can help you with completing your application, offer independent legal advice and explain your options if you receive a payment offer. You can contact a solicitor at any stage before your application is completed.

To discuss your application to Scotland’s Redress Scheme please contact 0808 175 0808 (freephone) or If you are calling from abroad, please use +44 131 297 6500.

If your application is as a Next of Kin, please contact 0808 281 7777 or

Lines are open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and you can leave a message outside those hours.

How do I know if my application is with Redress Scotland?

Before your application comes to Redress Scotland, a Scottish Government Redress case worker will seek your consent to share your completed application with us.

Once your application has been submitted to Redress Scotland

When we have received your completed application, it will be an estimated 6 weeks before a decision is made and returned to the Scottish Government Redress case worker. When reviewing an application, we may need to ask you some questions. If this is required, this will add additional time to making a decision.

If your application has already been submitted to us by the Scottish Government Redress case worker, you can ask us about:

  • whether we have received your application
  • when we have scheduled a panel to consider your application
  • when we estimate a decision will be returned to the Scottish Government Redress case worker

Please contact us on 0300 244 9090 or and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

We cannot tell you the outcome of your application. We also cannot advise you about making your application or gathering information to support your application. A Scottish Government Redress case worker will be able to help you and tell you what is happening at every stage of the process.

Further Support

Support is available to survivors of abuse whether or not they wish to make an application to the Redress Scheme. For more information please see our Support for survivors – Redress Scotland

Support is also available at Redress Emotional Support Helpline on 0800 211 8403. You do not need to go through your caseworker to access the helpline.

Panel member Emma Lewis awarded MBE

Redress Scotland panel member Emma Lewis has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee honours in recognition of her work to help care experienced people and survivors of abuse and neglect. 

Emma, who joined as a panel member in November ahead of the launch of Redress Scotland, received the award in recognition of her work as founder and chair of The Roots Foundation, and for voluntary services to young people. The Roots Foundation is a voluntary organisation that supports care experienced people and families. 

Speaking about the honour, Emma said: “It was a complete shock to be recognised in this way for work that I love and am so passionate about.  

“It is important for children and young people, no matter who they are or where they come from, to see and realise their potential. As a society, and as role models, we have a responsibility to help them do just that and I hope that this honour goes some way to achieving that.” 

Redress Scotland chief executive, Joanna McCreadie, said: “The entire Redress Scotland team and our panel members congratulate Emma on this well-deserved award. Her passion, commitment and hard work has changed the lives of many care experienced children and families and we are pleased that she is supporting our work. Her expertise and perspective are invaluable to our panel community and to helping survivors through their healing journey.” 

Emma is one of the panel members at Redress Scotland. 

Redress Scotland exists to support survivors of historic child abuse in care. 

As a decision-making body, we receive completed applications made to the Scottish government by survivors and makes determinations for redress based on the evidence available.  

Our diverse community of panel members make decisions in relation to applications for redress payments, and other forms of redress. They bring empathy and professional expertise from a range of specialisms. 

During panel sittings, members review the evidence available to determine eligibility and the level of financial redress awarded to survivors.   

Panel members uphold the highest standard of impartiality and objectivity in making determinations. They put survivors at the heart of all they do, and conduct their duties with compassion, humility, and respect.