Timescales for making decisions at Redress Scotland

Redress Scotland is now taking longer to make decisions on applications from survivors for redress.

Since May 2023 Redress Scotland has been receiving higher numbers of applications. This has resulted in increased waiting times for applications to be considered by panel members. Each month Redress Scotland has been receiving between 100 and 120 applications. The number of panel members at Redress Scotland means that we have the ability to make between 70 and 100 decisions each month. This has resulted in waiting times for decisions increasing each month.

When the scheme opened, Redress Scotland set a key performance indicator of 30 working days for making decisions. Until May 2023, more than 80% of decisions were meeting this target. Since May 2023, timescales have gradually increased and we are no longer meeting this target. We are now seeing waiting times for applications of between 6 and 8 months.

There is a process of prioritisation is place for applicants who have a terminal illness and those who are over the age of 68. These priority groups have decisions made on their applications more quickly, within 30 working days.

In January 2024, Scottish Ministers successfully appointed new panel members. This increase in the number of panel members means that we will be able to make more decisions each month. We expect this to increase to between 100 and 130 decisions each month. We are hopeful that this this should limit any further increase in waiting times for survivors. We will also be working to reduce the waiting times as much as we practically can.

Redress Scotland is carefully tracking waiting times and taking action to address this, with the appointment of more panel members being an important step forward. We will also start providing monthly updates on waiting times on our website.

We understand that this increase in waiting times is disappointing and concerning. We can provide regular updates for survivors on how their individual application is progressing at Redress Scotland. If you are interested in receiving information from us about your application please contact us on 0300 244 9090