Update on timeframes at Redress Scotland

What happens with my application when it goes to Redress Scotland? 

Once your application has been passed to Redress Scotland, it is allocated to the first available day that the panel meets, called a ‘panel sitting day’. Some applications are defined as being ‘priority’ because of the health or age of the survivor making the application. These applications are allocated to the first sitting day that is available.

At Redress Scotland, we have set a target of considering applications within 30 working days. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to meet this target. We have provided more information about the reasons for this below.

After you have agreed your application is complete, it is sent to Redress Scotland by your Scottish Government caseworker. Your application will then be sent to the panel members who will read it carefully in advance of the panel sitting day.

On the panel sitting day, the panel members will discuss your application so that they can determine whether you are eligible for redress and (if you have applied for an Individually Assessed Payment) what level of payment is appropriate.

Why are Redress Scotland experiencing delays? 

Redress Scotland is now receiving many more completed applications each month. This means that it is taking longer before completed applications are allocated to a panel and before they meet to make a decision. In turn, this means that it will be longer before a decision is made on your application and it is likely to take more than our 30 working days target.

We are taking steps to improve how long it takes for Redress Scotland to make a decision. We are currently recruiting new panel members and hope to welcome them on board by the end of 2023. At Redress Scotland, our intention is to reduce this timeframe back to our target of 30 days following the appointment and training of new panel members.

When can I expect to initially hear back from Redress Scotland? 

We are currently working on new letters for survivors. These letters will give information to individuals that have completed their application about when this will be considered by a sitting panel. We expect to start sending these letters in the near future.

When can I expect a decision on my application?

Following the panel sitting day, the panel members will write to you to let you know what the decision is and describe their reasons behind it.

This letter will be sent to your Scottish Government caseworker, usually within five working days of the panel date, and your caseworker will then forward it on to you.