Date received: 10 June 2024
Date responded: 2 July 2024

Information Requested:

It has been brought to our attention that some of the complainers in this case, have made compensation claims in relation to time that they spent at Melville House boy’s school in Cupar, Fife. I am writing to ascertain if you would be willing to provide details of any compensation claims from complainers, in relation to that establishment and the timings of such claims.
We can then establish whether this information is relevant to this case.

Redress Scotland’s Response:

To date Redress Scotland have received over 2,200 applications for redress. As we do not centrally compile information or statistics on the different care settings that are referenced in the application packs we receive, we will not be able to respond to this request due to the time and cost that would be associated in carrying out this work.
Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act allows us to decline to answer FOI requests when we estimate it would cost us more than £450 (18 hours of work, calculated at £25 per hour as the legislation sets out), which this question would exceed.
You can find out more about Section 12 at the following link: Freedom of Information Act 2000 (
Redress Scotland is an independent body responsible for making decisions on applications for redress. We then tell the Scottish Government the outcome of the decisions and they are responsible for making payments. The Scottish Government are also responsible for the administration of the applications alongside survivors and other stakeholders, including care organisations , so you may be able to request the information you are looking for by making a Freedom of Information request to the Scottish Government using this link: Freedom of Information Scottish Government.

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