Redress Scotland Voices – Meet our Chair, Dr Kirsty Darwent

Meet Our Chair Hello Kirsty. First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us how you came to take up the role of chair at Redress Scotland? I have been following the creation and development of Redress Scotland since the early days of the redress scheme. It was clear to me from the start […]

Redress Scotland publishes 2022-23 annual report and accounts

Kirsty Darwent – Chair of Redress Scotland. Kirsty Darwent – Chair of Redress Scotland As the chair of Redress Scotland, I am pleased to share our Annual Report and accounts for 2022-23. Redress Scotland was created for survivors, and we place great importance on ensuring that we get it right for them. We are acutely […]

Redress Scotland publishes 2023-24 Business Plan

Redress Scotland has published its Business Plan which sets out what we, as an organisation, will do between April 2023 and March 2024 to aid our delivery of the Corporate Plan. This was developed following feedback from survivors after a draft plan was shared for feedback. The Business Plan is structured to focus on our […]

Redress Scotland holds their 2023 AGM

Last week, Redress Scotland held its 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM). This was a meeting that brought together staff from Redress Scotland, Redress Scotland panel members, the leadership team and non-executive directors. We were also pleased to welcome the Deputy First Minister (DFM), Shona Robison, and Scottish government colleagues, who joined the discussion to hear […]

Dr Kirsty Darwent appointed as Chair of Redress Scotland

Redress Scotland can confirm that Deputy First Minister Shona Robison has appointed Dr Kirsty Darwent as Chair of Redress Scotland. Dr Darwent is currently the chair of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, a role she took up in 2017 having served on the SFRS Board since the Service’s inception. She has wide-ranging leadership experience […]

Redress Scotland Voices – Meet our Head of Policy and Improvement, Melanie Lowe

Meet our Head of Policy and Improvement Mel Lowe is the Head of Policy and Improvement at Redress Scotland and brings over 20 years of experience working in different roles across government. Before joining Redress Scotland, her work focussed on developing and supporting implementation of national approaches, and policies for children and young people with additional […]