FOI Response RS00Q

Date received: 22 December 2022
Date responded: 22 December 2022

Information Requested:

1. The number of applications made to the redress scheme to date

2. The number of applicants who have withdrawn their application to date

3. The number of complaints logged with the scheme to date

4. The number of payments made to applicants to date

5. The time frame for applicants to be allocated an individual case worker to date

Redress Scotland’s Response:

Redress Scotland is an independent body responsible for making decisions on completed applications for redress. Applications are received and allocated to caseworkers by the Scottish Government before being passed to Redress Scotland. The Scottish Government is also responsible for making payments to applicants after Redress Scotland has made decisions.

This means that Redress Scotland does not hold information relating to the number of applications made to the scheme (point 1), the number of withdrawn applications (point 2), the number of payments made (point 4), or the timescale for allocation to a caseworker (point 5).

Under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act Scotland 2002, where public authorities receive requests for information that they do not hold, they must issue notice advising that they do not hold
the requested information. Unfortunately this means that we cannot advise you on these points.

You may be able to request the information you are looking for by making a Freedom of Information request to the Scottish Government using this link: Freedom of Information Scottish Government.

I can however provide some information held by Redress Scotland which is relevant to your request. As of 31 December 2022, Redress Scotland has determined 336 outcomes, from the 398 applications we have received.

In relation to point 3, Redress Scotland have received 36 complaints to date. 10 of these relate to the role of Redress Scotland, with the remainder relating to the Scottish Government’s stage of the process. This may not be the total number of complaints relating to the redress scheme as a whole, as some complaints may have been received directly by the Scottish Government.

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