Your application to Scotland’s Redress Scheme

If you’re considering applying for redress, this guide helps simplify the process. There are two organisations involved in Scotland’s Redress Scheme – Redress Scotland and the Scottish Government.

You can view the process here – Your application to Scotland’s Redress Scheme

Applications are made to the Scottish Government. After you submit the application, a case worker who works at the government will be in touch to help you develop your application or tell you the next steps. Once the application is fully complete, it is sent to us at Redress Scotland.

We give your application to a panel and the members use the legislative framework and statutory guidance to make a decision on redress. The panel writes you a letter about its decision and sends that to your case worker at the Scottish government.

Your case worker will then be in touch to share that letter and the decision. Then it is up to you to decide if you accept or reject the offer. You have six months to decide, and you have the ability to have the decision reviewed.

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